Triple Trouble



Henry showing off his great form

Whole 30 challengers hang in there!! The Final weigh-in will be on Saturday. Amy will be available to take measurements from 9-11am and Christina will be available from 1-4pm.

Make sure you sign up for this weekend’s festivities! We will be doing “Murph” at 8am on Sunday morning. Following “Murph” we will be hosting a paleo potluck from 9-10:30. Get your day started right with a hard WOD and some good food before the parade festivites begin. This is a great opportunity to get to know members of the CFS community. We will also be offering an Open WOD retest opportunity at 8am for anyone who needs it. Please click the above link if you are planning on participating in Murph, the Open WOD, and/or the potluck. 

13.1 recap…Haley scored an impressive 185 reps while Gill Pressman and Andrea Cooke followed it for the ladies with 179 reps.  Tina Mo and Julie in the 170’s.  On the men’s side, TJ$ topped at 170, while Hyatt and Goose and Pat P followed it up with 167.  Impressive efforts from Big Crusty, Megatron, Melberg, AJ and Bishop for  getting well into the reps of 165.  Matt Whoriskey, Mooch Mann and Alec all showed impressive at the retest as they were each able to get a rep or multiple reps at the 165 bar which they were unable to the first time around.  Big Congrats to each and everyone of you for throwing your hat in the ring.  This was definitely not an easy WOD to open up with it.  Let’s see what they have in store for us tomorrow!

Front Squat

3 Rounds
30 OH Walking Lunges (1.5,1)
90 Double Unders
30 Kettlebell Swings (1.5,1)

Level 2- (1,.75) 20,45,20
Level 1-(.75,.5) 15,20 attempts,15