Preparing/Recovering Those Shoulders

Ring Dip & Push Up
Nice Flow Willy G

This post is geared towards preparing/recovering those shoulders from ring dips and push ups. But please keep in mind your shoulders are used in overhead squats, pull ups, handstand push ups, etc so your body would appreciate these stretches in general. Who knows, doing it may lead to a PR!

roll fs

Focusing a large ball on the anterior deltoid/chest region while your hand is behind your back is a great place to start correcting some out of whack tissue. You can do this against the wall for more control but not as much pressure.

Next, target those triceps on the ground or on a box. Remember to flex and extend your arm as that will move around the tissue and expose the deeper knots. Ifย your arms are sore or have trouble with the rack position this one is for you.

Lastly, you want to restore range of motion by stretching out the tissues you just de-knotted. Find a box or set of rings and gently sit down into the deep end range. Relax and let your body sink lower.

These techniques can be done on a roller, barbell or the steering wheeling of your car. The point is spend 5-10 minutes after your workout resetting your body. You will be less sore, recover quicker and ultimately decrease your chances of injury!


dip stretch









Overhead Squat (135,95)
Double Unders x4 (84,60,36)

Level 3- (115,80) 60,40,20 Dubs
Level 2- (95,65) 40,25,10
Level 1-(75,35), 100,75,

50 singles


  • Andrea

    08/23/2014 @ 1:55 am

    always love you comments Jason!

    wod: 4:58rx

  • jason barrow

    08/23/2014 @ 1:22 am

    No class gets weirder than FRI 7PM. We smashed it tonight. HALEY, I think Kendra might have sandbagged Saturday’s 1RM test. She PR’d on Saturday, and then PR’d again tonight! That probably deserves some sort of burpee penalty right? Seriously though, so awesome, can’t believe she hit another big lift tonight.

    Snatch (squat): 175×1
    WOD: 9:36 L3

    Had a blast sharing a platform with Aaron. You could tell he was psyched to be throwing around some weight again after climbing back from injury. Probably need to get him in Oly class ASAP. I hit 175# on Saturday as my new PR, waaaaaay better tonight, that ish was SMOOTH. I think I yelled white board a few times thinking I made the biggest lift of the day in Green. Guyton ether’d me though, no shock there.

    That WOD killed my wrists. Right around the same time, Kendra, Aaron, and I all stopped and had to wrist-wrap-up. Three big babies. Adam COULDN’T BELIEVE that I would walk across the room and get stuff out of my bag mid-wod. Believe it.

    • Andrea

      08/23/2014 @ 1:56 am

      nice job Kendra!!!!

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