Tracking the Whole 30

The Members Site will allow each of you to create your own profile, while also giving you with the ability to browse the profiles of other members, ultimately bringer our tight nit community even closer. Through the Members Site, we will do all of our Challenge tracking.

How to use the CFS Members Site


If you do not have an account, click the link in the green bar at the bottom to request access. This is for Crossfit Southie Members ONLY. Please see the coaches to get the code required to register.

When you Request Access this is the next screen:

When you enter the proper code you are brought to the registration page, please ask a coach for this code for security reasons

When you fill out this form you will get an email with a code to confirm your address and it will include your login name for the website.

If the email does not show up within a few minutes check your spam filter or go back to the site and resend the activation, fill in your firstname.lastname as the username and the email you registered with, the link to this page is on the bottom of the members homepage:


If you have used the site before and have forgotten your password on the bottom of the members homepage there is a link to reset it:

Once  you are logged in under the tracker heading at the top you will notice where to track the Whole 30 challenge. The Scoreboard is under the scoreboard setting and will keep a running total of your scores that you enter on each daily log.

Contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns.