Eye Of The Tiger
Eye Of The Tiger

15 burpees
20 Good mornings
15 clean and jerks without removing hands from the bar

-spend 5 minutes mobilizing Goat

Goat 2 (15 minutes)
-Max Effort Goat 2
*If it is a strength you are working up to a 1RM. If it is gymnastics you are doing a max effort set. For muscle-ups, if you can do them, maybe 15 to 30 mups for time. If you are still learning muscle-ups then spend 20 minutes trying to get one. For running or rowing you are doing a time trial- 1 mile run for time, 2k Row for time.

**Must Start second half with class**

Every Minute on the Minute for 10 minutes
3 Heavy Deadlifts

10 Minute AMRAP
-5-10 Reps of Goat 1
10 Touch and go clean and jerks-cannot remove hands from the bar

Open- 135-95