Time To Get Poppin’

Janet's "Sinfully Paleo" cookies
Janet’s “Sinfully Paleo” cookies

Ever get the craving for something a little sweet but don’t wanna ruin your paleo diet?! Check out one of our very own members paleo creations called “Sinfully Paleo” here. Speaking from experience, her chocolate chip cookies are to DIE for!!! Contact via Facebook or email her at [email protected].

Just a reminder: Endurance Class will meet with Sebastian at Moakley Track today at 9am. There will be no Yoga today at 10am. 

Split Jerk

1000m Row
30 Shoulder to Overhead (115,75)
30 Front Rack Lunges (115,75)

Level 3- (115,80)
Level 2- (95,65)
Level 1- (75,45)

At Home WOD:
10 Push Ups (change hand position every round)
20 Lunges
30 Hollow Rocks