Technique, Intensity, Volume

Jason -  good contact with the hips!
Jason – good contact with the hips!

The gym will be opening at 11am today. 11am, noon and night classes will run as scheduled. There will be open gym from 1-3PM for all members.

Everyday you should learn something new. At a recent Crossfit Endurance seminar one of the main points they preached was one that rang true and applied to every movement under the Crossfit umbrella.: Technique, Intensity, Volume. We were taught that running was indeed a skill just like the squat snatch. Running is definitely more natural but that is not to say that there are not more efficient ways to do it. All weekend we performed drills that taught us positioning. The drills became layered and more complex but always building on the basics. At the very end of the day we took on a team WOD that included burpees and running. Man talk about being tired but what did you know, the drills we learned were showing through the fatigue, success!

The point I am trying to make is that with everything from double unders, to muscle ups, to overhead squats, there is a formula we must follow to maintain safety and ensure progress. First, focus on the basics..learn those in and out and you’re golden. Single unders, the pull up/dip and the air squat. Once you have mastered the fundamental skills add intensity by adding double under attempts, increasing the number of pull ups/dips you can do, adding a light barbell to your overhead squat. At this point you are ready to increase the volume. Large sets of double unders in a workout, unbroken sets of effortless looking pull ups/dips and an overhead with a moderate weight is where you’ve gotten yourself. There is always more progress to be made but be proud!

Everyone wants to make progress and be good at things they consider a weakness. Welcome to the club. Be smart about the path you chose and follow the technique, intensity, volume methodology. It can be applied to everything in Crossfit so be an educated athlete and scale appropriate, take on adequate chunks of work and don’t be afraid to push yourself once you’ve built the foundation.


10 minute AMRAP
10 Ring Dips
15 Box Jumps (24,20)
10 T2B

MB Jack Knives
MB Russain twists