Thursday through Monday Schedule Update


*The CrossFit Games is next weekend.  Since we have a crew of 17 heading out west including four coaches, we have made some small changes to the Thursday through Monday schedule.  There will be no 7:30 am classes on Thursday the 28th and Monday the 1st.  Also, the 6am and 7am classes Friday morning will be canceled.  Lastly, there will be no Open Gym on Thursday the 28th or Monday the 1st at 4pm.  The rest of the schedule remains the same with Berretta, Alec, Chuck and TJ taking on all the coaching responsibilities.  The Google calendar has been updated with all the schedule/coaching changes.  The calendar can be found under the schedule tab or by clicking here. *

*This weekend we will be holding Saturday and Sunday classes in Southie Green. Southie Orange will be off limits as HQ is hosting a Coaches Prep course both days and cannot be interupted. Amy and I will be helping with the setup for Coaches Prep and will not be able to participate in the 730 Advanced Class. The Advanced crew is welcome to come in and hit it without us. Yoga is being moved to 11am on Sunday. Also, NStar has informed us that we may have power interuptions Saturday AM. We’ll be rolling up the jeep for some tunes but make sure you bring water and be prepared to sweat.*

1 year ago, Coach Maze was discharged from the Marines after a life-threatening case of heat stroke and exhaustion due to excessive training while under command.


We’re dealing some pretty dangerously oppressive heat right now and I think it’s a good a time as any to address a few essential tenants to help avoid a heat stroke and/or Rhabdomyolysis. I unfortunately know what is it like to experience heat stroke and it almost cost me my life last summer despite my best efforts to prevent this. We all should be constantly vigilant no matter what the conditions for signs of heat stroke, but this especially becomes more relevant for days like today where the heat index is into the triple digits.

1.Make sure you’re hydrating and also hydrated well over an hour in advance to your workout and have some food in you as well.  In these conditions the body will be working double-time to keep cool during an intense workout. Drinking a bottle of water inside of 30 minutes to a workout won’t cut it.

2. You should always have water with you and hydrate even when you think you don’t have to – as we used to say in the Marines, “hydration is continuous.” If you wait to take a sip of water until you are thirsty, that is too late. Bottom line, don’t be stupid. If you’re not hydrated (urine anything other than clear) prior to a workout in these conditions, it might be a good idea to take an off day.

Definitely DO NOT come in hung over to class– pushing the body to its limit when it is already severely dehydrated will lead to disaster.

3.  It doesn’t matter how fit you think you are – heatstroke does not discriminate.  If you haven’t prepared in advance to workout in these conditions, you should not be coming in

4. Know the warning signs of heat exhaustion/heat stroke

– nausea




– clammy skin



5. These above symptoms relate more to heat exhaustion but this can turn into heat stroke in a second. Thus, if you start experiencing any of the above symptoms, stop training immediately.

CrossFit is always about training harder, but it is also about training smarter. So when it comes to these type of conditions, use common sense when you train and follow the above guidelines. Trust me I know all too well what heat stroke can do to you and I am very lucky that I came out in one piece – you do not want to experience this first-hand.

Bottom line train hard, but train smart and come properly prepared to train in these conditions.

-Coach Maze-

Partner WOD
10 Rounds (5 Rounds each)
5 Shoulder to Overhead (135,95)
7 Pull-ups
13 Box Jumps
200m Sprint

Level 2 (115, 75)
Level 1 (95, 55) 3,6,9 Reps

Partner 1 completes a round while partner 2 rests. As soon as partner 1 finishes the 200m sprint, partner 2 may begin the shoulder to overhead. Only one person works at a time.