CrossFit Endurance and Watt Bikes

Nicole during yesterday’s WOD

CrossFit Endurance

If you haven’t already noticed Southie Green has a whiteboard now dedicated to weekly endurance wods. Many of you have expressed interest in improving your overall endurance and endurance training for things outside of CrossFit. We are going to be posting 2 wods per week that you are invited to do while at the box outside of your class hour (open gym, before or after you take a class) and post your time up on the board. We will be mixing in bike wods while we have the wattbikes so test em out while you can! These are the suggested workouts to be done as a supplement to the weekly programming have put together so we encourage you endurance woders to stick to these 2 each week.

Watt Bikes
The people from Wattbike have been generous enough to lend us a couple of their bikes to test out for a little while. These bad boys are becoming huge in the cycling world and are starting to be integrated into CrossFit. They were used in both the individual and team competition at the games and are popular in a lot of CrossFit Endurance training. Please feel free to use the bikes in your spare time and sub a bike into a wod. Here are a few tips for using the Wattbike.

Set the seat so it is about as high as your hip if you were standing next to it. Adjust the seat forward or back so you can comfortably use the handlebars. For most workouts, similar to the rower, you need to hit “Just Ride” on the setup screen to get your workout going. Use the up and down arrows to adjust the screen so you can see your meters, or you can play around with different screens to see how the bike works. There are a lot of cool things to the technology of the bikes, one of the many being you can see the exact power output of your pedal circle for each leg throughout the loop. This is on one of the screen options you can cycle through.

The wattbike works similarly to the rowers in the fact that meters pedaled is the main unit of measure. If you are looking to do a wattbike workout as a sub for rowing simply double the meters required from the row (500m repeats would be 1000m repeats, and so on). As for running, the conversion is a bit more difficult but you can basically do the same as you would for the rower. The bikes are much more leg intensive and rowing or running so they offer a much different stimulus. The basis of all of CrossFit is “constantly varied” so it would be an awesome movement to throw in the mix.

Be aware that some of the bikes are “Trainer” bikes and others are “Pro” bikes. This just means the resistance level on the “Trainer” bikes will be a bit lower than the “pro”. You can adjust the fan resistance just like a rower on either model. You can also adjust the magnet knob to make it simulate going uphill to add even more difficulty to the workout.

Definitely try these things out. We are going to be putting them into the weekly endurance wods so you have a chance to try them out on your own. As always feel free to ask any of the coaches for guidance if needed. Get on a bike and give us your best Lance Armstrong!

Power Clean

Power Clean (135/95)
Toes to Bar

L2- (115/80)
L1- (95/65)