The Deep Burn


Two weeks of Oly left before a big deload, a retest and then hitting some goats again.  Most of you should be competing in the Showdown this weekend.  We are going to keep Thursday a rest day this week and you will have the weekend off too if you are not competing.  Hit some extra mobility and enjoy the rest.  If you are feeling good, come in on Thursday and work on your lifts.

Warm Up
5 strict ball ups
Run a loop
5 strict skin the cats

1. Squat Clean and Jerk 5×2 @ 85-90%

2. 10 min EMOM
Odd – Halting (low & mid hang) Clean Pull x 2 100%
Even – 3 DB Strict Press

Back Squat 5×3

4 Rounds
7 Squat Clean Thrusters (135,95)
14 Toes to Bar

Regional (125,85)
Open (115,80)