New and Improved Pain Cave

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Rumors are true! We have a new mobility pain cave. We are going to outline some of the features of this new boom boom room.

Racks on Racks on Racks
We have lined the back wall with racks so you can store your belongings while you workout. We will still have the cubbies at the front of the box if you need to store smaller things. We just ask that you try and keep your belongings off the floor in the front of the box since we have this extra storage.

Retta, How Do I Stretch My Latissimus Dorsi?
We have included posters on the wall straight from the mobility guru himself, KStar. They include multiple stretches for each muscle group. So now you can experiment on your own if you can’t find a coach.

Dale’s Cycle Center
Ever see the small kid riding the airdyne with his shirt off? Yea, that’s Dale. He can be found before and after class riding those things. They are great ways to warm up and cool down. If you’re feeling real spicy you can do workouts on them just like a rower. Super fun…

Size isn’t Everything
It’s not only about the big muscles. You can have the biggest shoulders in the world but if your rotator cuffs are weak you will soon be living in this room. We have bolted an Iron Scap system into the wall so you can strengthen all the small muscles in your shoulders and back. These wont pop out and impress everyone at M Street beach but they will help you stay injury free.

Lights, Camera, ACTION!
The room is also equipped with a projector and Apple TV. This way you can search for mobility videos or even assess your form on Olympic lifts. Possibilities are endless!

Have at it!

Turkish Get-up

Total body
Arm-Bar Stretch

100 Kettlebell Swings for time (2,1.5)
Every minute on the minute complete 6 burpees

Level 2 (1.5,1)
Level 1(1,0.75), 5 Burpees

3×10 Weighted Sit-ups