“The Bossman”

Congrats to the Southie Crew who completed the L1 Coaches Cert this past weekend!

With the arrival of the Welby/Wallace creation nearly upon us, Kim is going to take some time off from instructing the Yoga class.  Tuesday September 6th will be her last class until after the little one is born.  With that saying, there will be no Yoga class on September 11th and going forward, either until Kim returns or we find someone to fill in.  If any of you have any experience or know someone that would be a good fit for the interim, let us know.

*Labor Day Schedule* Saturday and Sunday will be regularly scheduled classes with the exception of the cancellation of the Advanced Invite Only class. Monday we will be running a reduced schedule with All Levels Classes at 10am, 11am and 6:00pm*

Single Leg Strength / core strength
Squat Therapy

Lower body Soft tissue
Hip openers

5 Rounds
5 Deadlifts
15 wallballs
*20 minute cap*

Level 3 (275/185)
Level 2 (225/135)
Level 1 (135/95)
ADV (315/215)

Lastly, we have added a Paleo blog on the site which will be updated every few days to include recipes and tips on how to best tackle this paleo challenge.  The Paleo Blog can be found under the Paleo tab at the top of the screen or by clicking here.

Also, in regards to the Paleo Challenge. The scoreboard is up in Southie Green. Remember that every 3 days you start with a fresh 100 points. Fish oil, WOD, and 20 additional minutes of mobility are all +2…not +3. If you have 1 cheat/day but you take your fish oil and came in for a WOD all 3 days, your score for that 3 day period is 97.  It is important to write these numbers on the scoreboard to keep track. If your name is not already on the scoreboard it is probably because you have not paid. You can bring $20 to the front desk at any time, and then add yourself to that board! (sorry the scoreboard looks so ghetto this time around!)