The Answers to your Questions

Friendly Competition is the best way to get better.  That extra push you give when you are trying to catch up to the athlete next to you, forces you out of your comfort zone and helps you to break through plateaus.  We are very fortunate at CrossFit Southie to have a community with an abundance of hard working athletes/people to compete with/against.  To take advantage of this, we are aligning the competitor programming and the general Crossfit Southie programming.  Competitors programming will be found here.  Workouts may differ in terms of added difficult/load/skill.  Extras will also be included to achieve the ability to compete at a high level.  Competitors may work out alongside all general CrossFit classes held on the hour, which are now all held in Southie Green.  Competitor programming may not be done on the half hour in Southie Orange.  Athletes will be expected to show up on time and just like any other class, burpee penalties will be assessed where necessary. Competitors will have a separate warm up from the class and will have skills and extras during the drilling portion of the general class.  Competitors will be guided/coached throughout the hour but are expected to get started on their own, stay on track with the times posted on the site and start the WOD with the class.  Floater WODs and extra work can be done before or after class during non prime time Open Gym hours.

Programming will generally run Mon, Tues & Wed on, Thursday rest,  Friday & Sat on, Sunday rest.  In the case that the gym is closed on the weekend, the week will run Mon-Fri.  This week, as a result of the Garage Games at CrossFit Southie, we will run the programming straight through the week with Saturday and Sunday off.  For those competing in the garage games, it is suggested to go Monday and Tuesday on.  Wednesday and Thursday off and something light/low intensity on Friday to get the blood pumping. Speak with your coaches and be sure to taper down and work your mobility so you go in to the weekend hungry and feeling good.