The 5’s Complex

Warm up (10 minutes)
400m Run
50 Double unders
20 walking lunges
15 burpees
-Quad stretch 1 minute each leg

Strength (20 minutes)
High Bar Back Squat
Work up to a 1Rep Max

Gymnastics (10 minutes)
3 sets
Max effort deadhang pull-ups
Rest 90s between efforts
*Set ends with a failed rep or when you let go of the bar. You can switch grips but absolutely no kipping

10 minute AMRAP
5 Hang power cleans
5 Squat cleans
5 Front squats

Games- (185,135)
Regional- (155,110)
Open- (135,95)

CA$HOUT-(10 minutes)
50 Sit-Ups
50 Hollow-rocks
50 GHD sit-ups