Street Cleaning Returns Today


Street Cleaning Begins today!
Please do not park on the side of the street that the gym is located on before 7AM. You may get a ticket if you do so.

Also Morning people- The cannonball cafe spots are off limits. Those are reserved for the employees and patrons of that business. We just got another email in regards to this from our landlord. Please do not park their during their business hours.

In 6 minutes
Row 50/40 Calories*
-10 Burpees
-20 Jumping Lunges*
-30 Hollow Rocks
In the remaining time:
Plank Hold

*modify to regular lunges where need be and scale the cals so the row doesn’t take more than 3 minutes

In 25 Minutes:
100/80 calorie Row


10 Rounds
4 Burpee Pull-ups
6 Pistols
8 Power Snatches 75|55

In the remaining time:
Row for Calories

Level 2- 65|45
Level 1- 55|35, Lunges
ADV- Burpee Bar muscle-ups 4|3

Extra Work
Isabel Goes to College
30 Snatches 165|110

ADV – 185|125

Coaches Notes -We’re looking for challenging singles here. When choosing your weight think 1 every 10-15s. Snatches should be mostly if not all Power