Ten down to One

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2 Rounds
:30 on/:10 off
With a med ball, plate or odd object
– Toe Taps
– Ground to Overhead
– Thruster
– V-ups
– Russian Twists

Pigeon Stretch

Minute 1. Weighted Glute Bridge -10 Reps
Minute 2. Weighted Single Leg Squat to Bench|Box|Chair- 5 each side*
Minute 3. Rest

*Weighted pistols are extremely difficult.  Where need be, work without weight with one of the progressions in the video above

Single Arm Devil’s Press 50|35*
Wall Balls x 2 20|14

ADV – 70|50 and/or heavier or higher Wall Ball

*Alternate Reps or Complete the reps on your non dominant side and then switch to your dominant side for the next set, ex. 10 Left Arm, 9 Right Arm, etc..

SA Devils Press is ideal for a DB or a KB but can be done with an odd object or a barbell.

The Wall Ball can be replaced with an unloaded barbell, light free weights or a household item.

Extra Work
400m Run**
100 ft Handstand Walk*
300m Run
75 ft Handstand Walk
200m Run
50 ft Handstand Walk

*Scale as necessary to shorter walks, 30-20-10 Shoulder Taps, 5-4-3 Wall Climbs or something of the sort.

**If performing at the track sub out a 400m (1 loop around the track), 300m (¾ of a loop), 200m (½ loop) run. Can sub Double Unders – 150-100-50