Teams of 3, Let Them Be

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In Teams of 3
5 Minutes Max Cal on Ski Erg or Rower
*1 Partner is always working on Ski Erg or Rower. Partner 2 is holding a plank. Partner 3 is resting. Rotate as desired.

ADV – Hollow Hold or L-Sit Pull up Hang

In Teams of 3:
100 Thrusters (115,75)
100 Burpee Pull-ups
100 Cal Ski Erg or Row

After completing the thrusters, burpee pull ups & ski/row, complete:
800m Sled Push as a Team (3×45#/2×45#)

*2 people can work at a time on the first part of the workout, but they need to be on different exercises. For example – One person does 10 calories on the ski erg/rower while partner 2 does 10 burpee pull-ups and partner 3 rests.

*For the sled push, perform 2x400m. Take turns pushing, or two people can work together to push at the same time.

Level 2- (95,55) 2×45#/1×45# Sled
Level 1- (75,35) 70 Reps, 1×45#, 1×25# Sled

Extra Work
5x Increasing in weight each set
-At the end of each set complete a double overhead DB lockout carry

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  • Trevor

    06/09/2018 @ 4:23 pm

    Bar MUPs
    Sandbag over shoulder (130)

    Close Grip Bench Press
    [email protected] 135 across

    6 rounds
    250m air runner
    10 fat bar deadlifts (185)

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