Regional Team WOD #2

Hi Chris and Amy,

I wanted to reach out and let you know that I miss CF Southie SO MUCH! I knew it was a fantastic place, however until I moved to Virginia and tried to find another box, I didn’t fully realize how spoiled I was with you guys. The first place I checked out down here didn’t have a group warm up, you just do it on your own, and then you do the WOD. A skill was thrown in at the end if you stuck around for it. I felt so deflated. (Not to mention the very low music – it felt like a strange library. Plus, in this huge space, there was not one ball for wall balls. I can imagine equipment is extremely expensive and respect that each box will be different, but may I please have a wall ball just to do them on my own in the corner as a sob inside that I miss Southie?!) The next place I checked out was a little better (the coach was very impressed by my deadlift form so thank you!!) but still, nothing like CF Southie, especially in terms of coaching. In addition, I didn’t fully appreciate that CF Southie is truly a group of elite athletes like NO OTHER. I knew the people I had the pleasure of CFing with were fantastic athletes. However, now that I have worked out in a few other boxes, it has become very apparent to me that you were not exaggerating in the least when you say CF Southie has elite athletes hence the L1/L2 classes for those starting out. (Ya, at the first few boxes I was very confused why I was one of the strongest for the WOD in the regular classes and I’m way out of shape at this point.)
In a nutshell, I can’t thank you enough for what you do. All the thought and preparation you put into the group warmups, the skills, strength, mobility, the WODs is appreciated. The equipment is appreciated. I truly got a little choked up when I walked into the places down here because I realized I wouldn’t find another CF Southie no matter how hard I tried because you guys are the best.
Well, I have a few other boxes to check out this week. Hopefully at least the taste in music is better. (How can people get pumped and workout in quiet is beyond me. But at this point that is the least of my concerns in finding a box down here.) Wish me luck and I’m definitely doing some drop ins when I am back in town.


Hang Power Clean

One time through
1000m row
25 Pistols (alternating/total)
15 Hang Cleans (225,135)

Level 3 (185,115)
Level 2 (135,95)
Level 1 (95,55)