Team Interval AMRAP

Friends that WOD
Friends that WOD

Water Shut Off

There will be a temporary water this Saturday from 11am -130pm by the City of Boston.  Please bring water bottles and make use of the facilities at home before you come to the box.

Handstand Push-up
Handstand Walk

Partner A- 200m Sandbag Carry (4,3)
Partner B- AMRAP Power Snatches (75,55)

8:00-9:00: Rest

Partner A- 250m Row
Partner B- AMRAP Wallballs

17:00-18:00 Rest

Partner A- 100m Farmer’s Carry (2,1.5)
Partner B- AMRAP Handstand Push-ups

Level 2- (65,45), Push-ups
Level 1- (55,35), Push-ups
ADV- Strict HSPUs

Power Snatch cannot begin until sandbag run is en route. Once they return from the carry switch
Score=total snatches
Same for Wallballs and HSPUS