CFS Garage Games

*Paleo Challenge measurements and $20 buy in from 4-6pm tonight with Amy*

On September 7th the registration will open for our Garage Games event on November 10th and 11th. There will be 250 spots available, and if you do not sign up in right away I guarantee that it will sell out! This competition is designed to similar to our in-house throwdown back in May. It is doable for the majority of CrossFitters. The requirements are below:

Rx requirements:

-Hang Power Clean 135,95
-Swing a 53,35 kettlebell
-Squat snatch 115,75
-C2B pull-ups for the men, reg pull-ups for ladies
-Toes to bar
Shoulder to Overhead with 135,95
Deadlift – 225,145
Double unders- Less than 50 total.

Scaled requirements:

-Hang Power Clean – 95/65
-Swing – 35/26 Kettlebell
-Squat snatch – 75/45
-Blue band pull-ups
-Shoulder to overhead- 95/65
-Deadlift- 185/95

We will also be looking for a very large number of judges and volunteers. We will have more details on that later.

Competing is super fun and the event will is scheduled the weekend after the paleo challenge! That means you will be all ready to go….did that on purpose 😉 I think we had 40 athletes compete last year, let’s make it 100 this year!!

Work up to a 1 RM Clean and Jerk