Tabatta Mash Up

Air Fran.. almost as hard as the real thing

*We will be holding Saturday and Sunday classes in Southie Green. Southie Orange will be off limits as HQ is hosting a Coaches Prep course both days and can not be interupted. Amy and I will be helping with the setup for Coaches Prep so will not be able to participate in the 730 Advanced Class. The Advanced crew is welcome to come in and hit it without us.  Yoga is being moved to 11am on Sunday.  Again, orange is off limits on Saturday and Sunday so if you need anything from Southie Orange, grab it on Friday..  Also, NStar has informed us that we may have power interuptions Saturday AM.  We’ll be rolling up the jeep for some tunes but make sure you bring water and be prepared to sweat.*


Tabatta Swings (1.5/1)
rest 1 minutes
Tabatta MB Jackknives (20/14)
rest 1 minute
Tabatta MB Slams(20/14)

Your score is the sum of the lowest round of each.

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