“Tabata This”


Warm Up
2 Rounds
45s Work|15s Rest
-Slow Mountain Climbers
-Spiderman Crawls Front to Back

Chest Rolling and Stretching

Odd- 12|10 Cal Row

Even 1- Plank Hold
Even 2- Hollow Rocks
Even 3- Knee CrossOvers in High Plank
Even 4- Bicycle Abs
Even 5- Plank Ups

ADV – 15|12 Cal Row

“Tabata This”
Tabata Row
-Rest 1 minute-
Tabata Squat
-Rest 1 minute-
Tabata Pull-up
-Rest 1 minute-
Tabata Push-up
-Rest 1 minute-
Tabata Sit-up

Score is the sum of the lowest number of reps for each exercise.

Extra Work
20 Squat Clean & Jerks 135|95
15 Squat Clean & Jerks 185|125
10 Squat Clean & Jerks 225|155

ADV – 185|115-225|155-275|185