Tabata Errything


Schedule Update – ZOOM LIVE WOD at 630am Today

QUARANTINE Accountability CHALLENGE – Rolling sign up so feel free to join at anytime. The goal of this challenge is to maintain routine, exercise, nutrition, sanity and community while in self isolation.

AT HOME FITNESS – Check SugarWOD app for coaching videos and Download the Zoop App and click the link —-> for a Virtual Coached WOD will be held at 630am today.  Can’t make the class?  Find our At Home Fitness Classes on our YouTube page.

Also, take a look at our No Equipment, No Problem WOD DOC for various workouts. 

1 Minute Each: No Rest
-Jump Rope or Plate Hops
-Side Hip Raises Right
-Side Hip Raises Left
-Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Glute Work
3 Rounds
30s RL Glute bridges
30s LL Glute bridges
30s Full Glute Bridges
30s Glute Bridge Walkouts
30s Rest

ADV – if you have a mini stretch band put it around the top of your knees for the bridge variations and focus on driving out and not letting the knees collapse.

8 Rounds of
20s work: 10s Rest
Jump Rope or Mountain Climbers or Plate Hops
Swings 2|1.5
Air Squats
Stick Sit-ups

Rest 1 Minute between each Tabata

Score = Sum of the lowest number of reps each round

Extra Work
Work up to a Heavy-ish Turkish Get Up – Awkward Objects Encouraged