Tabata Action


Warm-up (15 minutes)
With a partner:
-20 Burpee med-ball chest passes
-Complete Partner shoulder stretch (internal rotation) on partner a
-20 more Burpee med-ball chest passes
-complete shoulder stretch on partner b
-partner quad stretch with band
-partner hamstring stretch
THEN spend 5 minutes warming up power clean and push-jerk

Odd- 1 Power Clean and Push-jerk @ 85 % of Max
Even- 3 Front Squats @85% of Max

WOD (25 minutes)
Tabata Action
20s work:10s rest-8 cycles
1. Row
2. Wallballs
3. Push-ups
4. Double Unders
5. GHD Sit-ups

***Substitute the strongest of the 5 movements and replace it with Goat 2*** Except Push Ups 🙂

*1 minute rest between rounds to transition
* Your score= the sum of the lowest number of reps for any round for each movement. 2 double unders=1 point.