Switch It Up Summer Special!

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Sports Wellness on Saturday!
Dr. Miguel will be here this Saturday and still has some available appointments. Click HERE to schedule your appointment!

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1.12/10 cal bike
2. AMRAP Pull to Stand
3. 50 Double Unders
4. Inchworms w/ 5 Push Ups at Bottom

Then 2x Through
30 Second Right Side Plank (arm extended)
30 Second Left Side Plank (arm extended)
30 Second Hollow Rocks

Ring Work
-Push Ups
-Push Outs
-Knee Tucks

Minute 1- 12/10 Calorie Bike
Minute 2- 2 Rope Climbs
Minute 3- 50 Double Unders
Minute 4- 20 Push-ups

Level 2 – 10/8 Bike, 1 Rope climb, 25 DU, 15 PU
Level 1 – 8/6 Bike, 3 pull to stands, 75 singles, 10 PU
ADV -15/12 Bike, 3 climbs

Extra Work
Every 2 Mins
Snatch 6×3 @ 70-75%
straight into
Every 2 Mins
Power Clean 6×3@70-75%
*No touch and go reps