Swinging a Sledgehammer + What does it take to become a Toasty??



Strength from the inside out

Sledgehammer swings

The coaches recently have received a lot of questions about and expressed interest in the Burnt Toast Program. For those of you that do not know, the Burnt Toast Programing is our Competitor Programming.  There is much more volume than the general classes and more of a focus on the proficiency of technical skills and weight lifting movements that are necessary in order to compete.   This program is for those who aspire to take their training beyond recreational fitness and is something that with time you can work towards. Up to this point we have not made our expectations clear on what is necessary to entering the program.

As a CrossFit Southie athlete we want you to progress appropriately. Starting out with the scaled classes for 0-6 months, then advancing to the RX classes for 3-12 months, and then once you have developed the skills, strength, metabolic conditioning and experience then you are welcome to start adding in all the additional volume of the competitor program. If you jump the gun and start adding in the volume too early you will be more likely to get  injured and end up lacking the foundational skills and GPP necessary to be successful as a competition CrossFitter. Our intention is not to exclude anyone from doing Burnt Toast, but we also want to ensure that those who are in the Burnt Toast classes will progress appropriately while not taking away from athletes that deserve and need competitor level coaching.

You must be able to complete 10 out of the 12 requirements:

1. Squat Snatch (115,80) – This must be one fluid movements, no power snatch and then overhead squat.

2. 10 consecutive Chest to Bar pull-ups- Men/10 consecutive Kipping pull-up women- Both without assistance

3. Ring Dip- 10 unassisted-Men/1 Unassisted-Women

4. 500m Row-1:45 Men/2:05 Women

5. 1 Mile Run- Sub 8:00 Men/Sub 9:00 Women

6. 1 Handstand Push-up-Men/Ability to kip up on to the wall/bands-Women

7. 15 foot Rope climb

8. Toes to Bar- 10 without dropping down from the bar-Men/5 without dropping off the bar-Women

9. Wallballs- 10 reps to a 10ft target with a 20lb ball- Men/10 Reps to a 10 ft target with a 14lb ball

10. Kettlebell Swings-2pood for 5 reps-Men/1.5pood for 5 reps-Women

11. 10 Consecutive Double Unders

12. Pistols with no gripping assistance (can still use a ball, box, or plate under the heal)

Then we have some  nonnegotiable requirements

  1. Unlimited membership- This is a 5 day program M,T,W,F,S.
  2. Must compete in the CF Open which is the 5 week online worldwide competition. All the workouts are completed here at the box.
  3. Must be able to complete the WODs with the Open weight (which usually means the class RX weights)
  4. Actively CrossFitting for 6+ months
  5. Upholding all of the movement standards without constant corrections. You should want to uphold movement standards, you shouldn’t have to be constantly told.
  6. You must show that you are a smart athlete. Choosing weights that are appropriate for you and knowing when to scale.

If you have any questions about these standards or requirements please consult with myself, Goosedada or any of the coaches. There is nothing we want more than to watch you all progress as athletes. All of the CFS coaches are happy to give their advice and their insight about how to make it to the next level.

3 Rounds
800m Run
14 Deadlifts (155,105)
200m Sandbag Run (3,2)
7 Shoulder to Overhead (155,105)

Level 3- (135,95)
Level 2 -(115,75)
Level 1- (85,45); 400m run; 200m run with a medball (20/14)