Rowing Clinic This Saturday!


Row Clinic This Saturday!
Join us for a rowing skill session This Saturday at 8AM in Southie Orange. This class is open to everyone and will not count towards your weekly classes. In this session we will assess and go over proper rowing technique as well as give you tips and drills to practice on your own. No pre-registration required! We hope to see you all there 🙂

Dynamic Warm Up
Indoor Shuttle Runs

6 Minute AMRAP
5 Strict Toes to Bar
10 Hollow Rocks
15 Sit-ups

800m Run
Kettlebell Swings (1.5,1)
800m Run

Level 2- 30-25-20-10 (1,0.75)
Level 1- 25-20-15-10 (0.75,0.5)

Extra Work
For Time:
30 Bench 165/105
30 Bench 135/85
30 Bench 115/75

*Scale the bench to a weight where you can get 10 reps off the bat.


  • Jason Barrow

    01/30/2019 @ 2:04 am

    BLESS YOU AMY for programming running in the winter.

    WOD: 15:49 Rx

    There was quite a large contingent cheering for Haley after I cheered when Kuch took over the class tonight. I don’t feel bad boo’ing, I’m usually Haley’s biggest fan, but that warmup deserved it.

    Looking at my notebook entries from last night, I was supposed to make mention that Ryan opened with the same weight on the EMOM as Becca.

  • Ryan Gould

    01/30/2019 @ 1:48 am

    WOD: 21:06 Rx

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