2014 Games Season- What to expect & The CFS Team


What to expect for the 2015 CrossFit Games Season

The 2015 CrossFit Open is quickly approaching. In true CrossFit fashion the Open dates have not been released which has everyone guessing. There is a rumor that has surfaced that the Opens will be in January!! Did you guys know that January is next month?? Shoot man… We have also heard some people saying that the Open will begin in February. No one seems to know for sure, which means we need to be training for the Open and Games Season now. The good news is, the programming you have been doing over the last 3 months should have progressed you to a higher level of conditioning, greater proficiency in gymnastic movements, and helped build strength, speed, and technique amongst the Olympic lifts. We will continue to train in a similar fashion. Expect a lot of lighter metcons and high rep gymnastics as we approach the Open season. Also expect to perform high skill movements at the end of WODs in a state of fatigue, and to ascend in weight in workouts which will test efficiency under load in a metcon. Also, now is the time to start dialing in on your nutrition game.

Trying out for the team?

As many of you have heard, the Regional is going to be much more selective this year. We will no longer attempt at qualifying 2 teams. It just doesn’t make sense; we need to stay strong and united as 1 affiliate. If we didn’t qualify a 2nd team when the field was less competitive there is definitely no chance now that they are only accepting 15 teams rather than 30 from the Northeast. Anyone can be on this Regional team or contribute to this team during the Open stage.  Don’t count yourself out just because you think others are better or because you are inexperienced. Our regional team has changed every year and each year there have been a wide range of athletes that helped us get to Regionals, not just the athletes that ended up being on the field.  We are all in this together!

Unlike last year we will not be choosing the team before the Open. And unlike years prior your performance in the Open won’t necessarily determine whether you have earned your place on the team, but will have weight in the decision. After the open commences the top 4 men and the top 4 women will be placed on the games roster. After the workouts are released we will test them and the final team will be chosen based on who is the most qualified. Those who want to compete as individuals do not need to establish that ahead of time, nor will it penalize them from making the team if they do not make it as an individual.

What are the requirements to be on the team?

  • In order to be considered for the team we do require that the Burnt Toast programming is followed within reason. Starting January 1st.
    • Subbing exercises to work on weaknesses is always encouraged as long as they are deemed weaknesses by the coaching staff.
    • Communication is all that we ask for. If we don’t know what you are doing we do not feel like we have the freedom to help and coach you.
    • Supplemental programming in addition to the BT programming is encouraged as long as it is not leaving you sore and exhausted. Supplemental programming should be focused on weaknesses, not strengths.
    • Teams work best together who have a lot of experience training with one another. If you never train together it’s harder to communicate on the field.
    • It doesn’t matter what program you are doing. You are always going to improve more when workout out with other people rather than training alone.
    • Posting scores on the board helps remind you of what you need to work on. Be honest with your scores, if you have trouble counting grab a whiteboard.  Hold yourself to high standards in WODs.  It shouldn’t take the first Open WOD to expose what you need to be working on.
  • We’re looking for athletes that are team players and think about the team as a whole and not solely about individual performance.
  • In addition, we require Athletes that display great sportsmanship in order to represent CrossFit Southie in a positive way.
  • Athletes must be coachable and open to feedback and scaling in order to elicit better results.
  • Body maintenance- Consciously trying to keep your body healthy and seeking outside help when needed. If you are injured then you become a liability. You need to know when to stop and not push through pain that is only going to get worse. You would never be penalized for taking time off for reasons of rest and healing. It will come into question however if you are doing extra work and seem to be missing the days your weaknesses come up.
  • Weaknesses are not to the point that they become a liability.
  • Take advantage of Olympic sessions with Nikita when we offer them.
  • Athletes need to make an effort to attend Saturdays at 8am weekly. Goose, Hyatt, and Bish are consistently there at that time. Who wouldn’t want to train next to those studs?
  • Athletes must train at the gym 60% of the time starting January 1st.
  • Must love babies.

These are all basic guidelines and exceptions may be made in the best interest of the team under certain circumstances. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to come to us directly. Goose and I are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the process.

The Games Season should be fun! I know it can be difficult not to feel like a lot of pressure, we are all competitive and want to do well, but let’s focus on operating as a unit and encourage and support one another. The experience is all what you make of it, and if you give it your all you will only get better.

10 Burpees
10 Front Squats
8 Burpees
10 Squat Cleans
6 Burpees
10 Split Jerks
4 Burpees
5 Clean and Jerks

-Quad stretch 90s each side
-Hamstring Stretch 1 Min each side
– Banded lat stretch

1. EMOM 1-6
2 Squat Cleans @85%
Minute 7 Rest
2. EMOM 8-13
2 Split Jerks @85%
Minute 14 Rest
3. EMOM 15-21
1 Clean and Jerk @90%

Every 2 Minutes on the Minute for 16 Minutes. Each for time:
5 Deadlifts
10 Pistols
5 Muscle-ups

Games- (355,225)
Regional- (315,205), 3 MUPs
Open- (275,185), 1 MUP or 5 Chest to Bar Strict Pull-ups