Support Rachel Goose on her way to Weightlifting Nationals

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Hi Guys!  Many of you maybe wondering what happened to that other Goose at Southie the last few months?  Some of you may/may not have noticed I was also not present on the Regionals Team this year as well.  In addition to coaching part-time, and working out with the toasties this year- I had made it a goal to get stronger and get my oly numbers up in formal meets.  
Since I started cf, I have entered Oly meets on my own to challenge myself with my lifts; and had won/qualified in a number of meets even previous nationals…however without a formal club or coach  so I was unable to attend.  Like Crossfit HQ, the USA Weightlifting (USAW) National Championship qualifying totals were increased this year.  After the Open, I wanted to see if I could hit the total and entered a meet in RI having  won my weight class but falling short of qualifying by only 6 kilos.   That lit a new fire for me…
I was I decided to try to split my time, and train with an Oly coach outside of Southie.    After training for the last few months, last month I qualified to head to Dallas, TX in August 13-16th to compete with the best of the best 🙂  The meet also qualified me to compete in Reno, NV next December  in the American Open.
It’s been an awesome learning experience, with new training schedules, techniques, training partners, and structured workouts- think 2.5 hours on one platform where your told please don’t lift too fast, and sit down in that chair after 2-3 reps….so why I’m writing this other than to fill in those who’ve missed my quick wit at the box?   Ace Athletic Apparel has helped to sponsor Hyatt, Tina-Mo, and myself over the last year or two in some competitions.  For Nationals, they’ve provided me with some great gear (tanks, headbands, t-shirts, hats…) to sell to assist with some of my travel/registration expenses for Dallas.  I would get eternally grateful for any support you could provide to assist in the costs to compete in Dallas, and helping me achieve my goal.

This years Nationals meet  will have 450 athletes (along with 419 Masters World Cup athletes​- next challenge Bob?​).​ ​The start list includes ​the new Pan American Games Champion, Kendrick Farris and Silver Medalist, Norik​ ​Vardanian. ​ ​​​Alongside 2 ​other ​​m​edal winners ​at Pan Ams,​ ​ 3 US Olympians, American Record holders, National Champions, World Team Members alongside a host of athletes up to and including Olympic Trials,  NCAA D1 and CrossFit Games level in their previous sport.  ​Other star ​l​ifters will be Morghan King, Geralee Vega, Mattie Rogers, Ariel Stephens, Allie Henry, James Tatum, Travis Cooper, Jared Fleming, David Garcia, Donny Shankle, Caine Wilkes​, Christmas Abbott, Sarabeth Phillips, and Gretchen Kittelberger​.​

For those of you interested in watching the entire USA Weightlifting National Championships will be webcast live and free on (The exact link will be distributed the week of the competition).  I’m scheduled to lift on Saturday morning, August 15 from 7-9 am.
Thank you all again for your help!   Goose/Amy will have an area set up by the front desk to check out some gear and/or contribute.     My heat will start lifting at 9 am in Dallas but 10 a.m. (EST) on Saturday August 15th.  Streaming on the USAW website, for those that would like to follow along.
Cheers and many thanks!  
Rachel Goose Oly National Fund
$20 – T-shirts/3/4 spandex
$10 – Wool- hats
$5 – Socks
$15 – Tanks
$10 – Snap-back hat
$15 – Reebok Shorts
$1 – Large Dork stickers
$.25 – Small Dork sticker
$3 – Head bands
~ Rachel Goose 

1. Press
2. Push-press

14 Minute AMRAP
7 Deadlifts (275,185)
14 Toes to Bar
21 Double Unders

Level 3- (225,155)
Level 2 (185,115), 10 Double Unders
Level 1 (135,95), 10 Attempts
ADV- 315,205

Conditioning Class: WOD
Every 2:30 for 8 Rounds
Parking Lot Suicide Sprint
*Use lines in BCBS parking lot

Conditioning Class: Core
2 Rounds
:45 on, :15 off
– Plank Ups
– Hollow Rocks
– Bicycle Abs
– Supermans