Supplementing Dosage for 2x/week!

Recently, we as a coaching staff have heard many pose a familiar question in regards to those with a 2x/week membership – “what can I do to supplement my CrossFitting outside of my two days a week membership?”

First, for those who are able to make it – utilize our Open Gym, Yoga, and Mobility classes (these do not count towards your weekly total for membership). During Open gym hours, (as Goose posted last week) a coach is always there to help any member with a skill or weightlifting movement as well as to help program a WOD to work on an athlete’s weaknesses. This time can also be utilized to make up a WOD earlier in the week that one could not make.

However, CrossFit is not just all about power, speed, and strength. Flexibility represents the single most important, yet overlooked of CrossFit’s 10 General Physical Skills – without, we will never be able to reach the range of motion needed to complete a movement as prescribed. Our Yoga and Mobility classes are two great ways to increase flexibility and better ourselves as CrossFitters. Check out our schedule for exact class-times.

We also post two endurance WODs for athletes looking to specialize more in that category that can also be done during Open Gym hours (just check out the white board behind the Watt Bikes in Southie Green). For those who cannot make it in to Open Gym but want to supplement their CrossFitting with endurance at home – check out This is a great website that we utilize to pick our Endurance WODs from (side note: Endurance WODs should be done no less than three hours prior to, or post WOD – remember, there is no such thing as over-training, just under-recovery, so be smart about this if completing on one’s own). Each WOD has options for biking, running, rowing, and swimming. Whatever resource that an athlete has near them can be utilized to complete the WOD. Many may look at the shorter interval and distance nature of these workouts and think that running 25 miles a week is needed to become a good endurance athlete – it’s not. Remember, we increase our aerobic (long distance) and anaerobic (sprint) capacities by training in our anaerobic threshold. For those who are not sure about distances for running, is a great resource for this.

If you are experienced in all the lifts and are looking to increase your strength, we welcome to take advantage of non-coached open platform hours from 8:30-9am Monday-Friday or put in extra strength work on the platforms during class times but please keep in mind the class takes priority. Again, if you are a newbie and still working on technique, it would be best to stick to coached classes and open gym hours until you have mastered the movements. If you are interested in a strength program reach out to us, we have put a few together and can modify it specifically to your goals.

Lastly, for those on a 2x/week membership who cannot make it in to open gym, but want to get a good WOD in on their own, we also have an app for that: our travel WODs. These require no equipment but still increase an athlete’s anaerobic and aerobic capacities just fine. Go to the right side on the home page and under “useful info/links” and then click “travel WODs.”

Most importantly, if one is unsure about exactly how to go about this, to reiterate Goose’s post from a few days ago, refer your questions to the guardian coach all have been assigned. We as coaches are more than willing to help out!

Overhead Kettlebell
Calf Mobility

Split Jerk

Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
Swings (2/1.5)

L2 – (1.5/1)
L1 – (1/.5) 5-10-15-10-5