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Solid Hollow Hold Matt
Solid Hollow Hold Matt

From our Friends at Walden Local Meat

Walden Local Meat Co. is dedicated to providing healthy, sustainable and locally produced meats directly to customers in the Boston area.

All of our farmers sign partner affidavits that affirm they utilize no antibiotics, hormones, pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals of any kind. Our beef is 100% grass-fed, and our pork and poultry is raised on pastures outdoors, year round.

Not only does our meat taste far superior to anything you’d find in a grocery store, from a nutrition perspective there is simply no comparison: grass-fed beef is a heart healthy food with many benefits to your health. Put simply, because the cows are healthier, so are you!

Grass-fed beef, per serving, is actually leaner than a typical skinless chicken thigh!
Grass-fed beef has more ‘good fat’ and less ‘bad fat’: 2 to 6 times the Omega-3 of corn-fed beef, and 75% less total fat per serving.
Lower bacteria counts – studies indicate that feeding cows an exclusive grass diet keeps overall E. Coli and other bacteria counts lower.

Monthly packages start at just $49, including delivery, with no contract or commitment.

Save $5 when you pick your share up at Crossfit Southie on specified delivery dates. Use coupon code: CROSSFITSOUTHIE when ordering online and specify the gym as the delivery location.

Limited Time*: Whole30® Offer! Orders will be delivered to Crossfit Southie just in time to start your Whole30® program starting on 1/27. We are accepting orders through January 23, and packages will be delivered on the afternoon of Monday January 27th.

*10 order minimum at delivery location

Visit at If you have any questions please email: [email protected]

We will be running a reduced schedule in the morning today for MLK day.  All Levels classes will be held in Southie Green at 5:30,6:30 & 7:30.  There will be no 6am and 7am classes.

Hollow Rock challenge week 3 – 30

High Bar Back Squat
-Between sets complete 10 weighted lunges on each leg. Use kettlebells and dumbbells for strength

Power Snatch (95,65)
Ring Dips

Level 2 (75,55)
Level 1 (65,35)