Sunday Interval

Kathryn & Kate
Kathryn & Kate

Come get supple today and every Sunday, with Yoga in Southie Orange at 10am. This class does not count toward your weekly total and is free with membership.

Overhead Squat

30s work:20s Rest x5 then Rotate
1. Double Unders
2. Sit-ups
3. Push-ups
4. Assault Bike

Rest 50s between exercises
Score=total reps

Strength Schedule
Monday – Strict Press + Push Press
Wednesday – Front Squat
Thursday – Snatch
Friday – Benchmark: Open WOD 15.3

At Home WOD
100 Jumping Jacks
80 Air Squats
60 Sit Ups
40 Push Ups
20 Supermans
10 Burpees
100 Jumping Jacks

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