Custom Fit Meals


We are excited to announce a new partnership with Custom Fit Meals! Our partnership provides our members and community with a convenient and affordable way to eat healthy. Here’s what you need to know about Custom Fit Meals.

How it Works. CFM will prepare and deliver FRESH, healthy meals to our facility for you to pick-up. All meals are prepared in a fully licensed, USDA-certified commercial kitchen by a team of culinary chefs, delivered safely to our facility via refrigerated vehicle, and stored in on-site refrigerators.

There are no contracts or commitments. All orders are placed week to week. Simply place your order on-line at by Tuesday each week to receive your meals for the following week of service. Their easy on-line ordering system allows you to choose the number of meals you want and the types of foods you like. Gluten-Free, Primal (includes dairy), Zone and Paleo meals are available. There are 15 menu items you can choose from each week (breakfast, lunch & dinner) and 6 weeks of rotating menus. Meals are sold in increments of 5, with an average meal price of $10/meal.

Custom Fit Meals’ nutritional philosophy is based on eating real food – fresh, natural food like lean meats, vegetables and fruit. Their meals are comprised of foods that are nutrient-dense, with lots of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, as opposed to processed foods that have more calories but less nutrition. All meals are made from FRESH, unprocessed ingredients and taste delicious!

Food Quality. Food quality is extremely important. CFM maintains the highest standards in selecting the foods that go into their meals. They use only USDA-certified All Natural, antibiotic-free poultry, grass-fed beef, and pastured pork. They source the majority of these proteins and as much of their fresh produce as possible from local sources. The service is based on Custom Fit Meals’ founder Mike Clay’s personal weight-loss journey. He lost 100 pounds using this service and a link to his story is shown below:

If you are interested in trying Custom Fit Meals and having your meals delivered here for pick up, use discount code CFM10 and receive 10% OFF your first order!

HOW TO ORDER CUSTOM FIT MEALS (no contracts order week by week):

  1. ORDER ONLINE @ (click on Order Meals tab)
  2. Create an account (requires a log-in email address and password)
  3. Go to “Build Your Menu” page (order deadline Tuesdays at midnight)
  4. Choose Regular or Large size (average cost $10.00/meal)
  5. Select number of meals (sold in increments of 5, minimum = 5)
  6. Select pick-up location (CrossFit Southie now an official CFM Pick-up Location)
  7. Choose your meals from our rotating weekly menu (offer ~ 15 different meals each week)
  8. Enter the code CFM10 to SAVE 10% OFF your first order!
  9. Pick up meals HERE twice per week (on Monday and Thursday – anytime during our normal business hours)

Scott Dean, co-owner of Custom Fit Meals will be here Monday, June 23rd to conduct a FREE Meal Tasting. Be sure to come out and sample some of their meals and have your nutritional questions answered.


Just in!!! We received a new shipment of Stronger Faster Healthier Protein 2 lb bags available in both chocolate and vanilla. A one month’s supply of your post workout needs at a discounted rate of $55. What’s that you say? You don’t use protein after your workouts?! Ask your coach about the benefits of protein post WOD. Give it a try!

Team WOD
Teams of 3
-1-5 Ladder of Burpee Pull-ups
One person works at a time
-Once complete 2 team members complete a buddy carry, while the third completes a farmers carry (2,1.5) to the 200m line. You can switch out team members as needed.
-Each team member will complete 10 – 50 meter sled pushes (45,25)
-Once all 10 are complete team members will leave how they came in, except for proceding the long way (towards the 800 and completing the loop) . Either in a buddy carry or completing a farmers carry.

Level 2 (1.5,1)
Level 1 (1,0.75)