STRIVE Strength & Conditioning (SSC)

If you have a regular CrossFit membership, STRIVE-X is included in your membership. This class DOES count toward your weekly class total. If you’d like to take only STRIVE classes (STRIVE-X & SSC), class packages are available for purchase here. Check out CrossFit Southie’s schedule to drop in for a class!

SSC class is currently held at the following times:
Tuesday & Thursday @ 6:00am (the garage/annex space)

STRIVE Strength & Conditioning focus on a strength portion which includes mostly accessory lifts that are great for all. The conditioning portion involves rowing, biking, sled pushes, running, skiing, and occasionally body weight movements. This is a great option for anyone who wants to get stronger but does not want to Olympic Lift or do a traditional CrossFit style metcon.  This class can/has also served as a great compliment to our CrossFit program. The accessory work performed helps strengthen smaller muscle groups that assist in generating more power in major lifts, in addition to helping in injury prevention.