Straight Up Sets


Street Cleaning – If driving to class first thing in the am be aware that Street Cleaning takes place on the side of Dot Ave furthest from the box.

Carly Stote will be hosting Complimentary 15 minute Physical Therapy Screenings tonight from 5-6:40. Sign up through our google sheet link below or email [email protected]

Physical therapy screenings are performed on those who may have pain, tightness, mobility limitations, and/or weakness. These screenings include basic tests that measure range of motion, motor control, strength, & flexibility. Based on these findings, the physical therapist will give you an opinion on the best path of treatment.

You can reserve your appointment through the following link:

Indoors Primarily

:40 Work/:10 Rest and Switch
With two sliders
-Plank Jacks
-Kneeling Press to Fly
-Glute Bridges With Feet on Sliders and Barbell on your hips
-Reverse Lunge Right Leg
-Reverse Lunge Left Leg

Hamstring Rolling
Hamstring Stretching

Deadlift- 5 Reps
Straight Sets

14 Minute AMRAP
10/8 Bike Calorie Bike
10 Wall Balls 20|14
10 Push-ups

Level 2- 8|6 Bike
Level 1- 6|4 Bike

Schwinn Bike WOD
14 Minute AMRAP
15/12 Bike Calorie Bike
10 Wall Balls 20|14
10 Push-ups

Level 2- 12|9 Bike
Level 1- 9|6 Bike

Outdoor WOD
14 Minute AMRAP
200m Run
10 Empty Barbell Thrusters 45|35
10 Push-ups

Level 1- 35|15, 5 Push Ups each Round

Extra Work
100 ft Front Rack Lunge 50’s|35’s
40 GHD’s
20 Stone Over Shoulder 140|90
40 GHD’s
100ft Front Rack Lunge

*Scale to 30-15-30 or 20-10-20 if you do not do GHDs and STONE over Shoulder Consistently