Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day…


Depending on who you ask it has been determined that Rome was established in 753 B.C., the Roman Empire reached its peak at 117 A.D. and still continues to be developed in 2014. It took thousands of years to create such a magnificent place.

It is understood that individual buildings went up slowly over time. They were worked on for days, weeks, months and years. Roman laborer’s didn’t build the walls of the Colosseum one day, then the next day erect the Column of Marcus Aurelius. They worked diligently until ONE job was complete, start to finish before moving onto the next. Treat your fitness like the city of Rome, and remember…it wasn’t built in a day.

Focus on the movements that YOU feel need the most improvement. Are you decent at pull ups, but double unders are something that just doesn’t seem to click? Catch those dubs up to speed by building the from the ground up. Spend every day after class, for a week working on jumping rope. Slow singles, fast singles, side to side, front to back, left leg only, right leg only, crossovers, double unders! The more you practice the better they will get, and once the skill has been developed it will be be with you forever…like riding a bike. Once you’ve established that foundation, move onto the next building. Hamstring flexibility severely limiting your movement patterns and causing back pain? Roll, and stretch those bad boys every single day, every chance you get. Over the course of the week you’ll notice a reduction in back discomfort, and PRs all over the place.

There are so many components of Crossfit which makes it so awesome and yet overwhelming at the same time. Heavy weights in WODs, snatches, ankle range of motion, rowing, rack position, hang cleans, ring dips…you get the point. My advice to you is be like the Romans and understand that things take time but to see it through from beginning to end until moving on. Over time you will have a vast beautiful city that is your fitness.

Work up to a 3RM Thruster

Burpee Box Jumps
Kettlebell Swings (2,1.5)

Level 2 (1.5,1)
Level 1(1,0.75)