Listen up closely! We’re “updating” the  fitness levels here at CrossFit Southie!

If you read carefully under the CrossFit Southie logo, you will see four words: Patience. Progress. Perseverance. Performance. Here at Southie, we generally break down the WOD into L1/L2/Rx/BT. Each fitness level will be assigned one of these meaningful words along with a colored wristband to represent that level. Level 1 = Patience (white), Level 2 = Progress (orange), Level 3/Rx= Perseverance (green), and Competitors = Performance (black). To get your very own wristband signifying what level you are currently at, simply stop by the front desk to ask one of your coaches for one. We ask that you choose the color dependent upon how you scale your workouts. If you complete the majority of your workouts at the L2, then ask for a orange band. Your goal is to work up to the next level. Once you start completing most of your workouts at that next level, upgrade your wristband to that new color. We won’t require you to wear these wristbands, but we think that it would be great to see you sport your level. Not only will it help the coaches when breaking athletes into groups for skill work, but it will also help you be able to choose a partner that is at a similar skill level more easily. The added bonus is that by wearing your bracelet, you are showing your support of your gym community when you are outside these four walls.

Back to Patience, Progress, Perseverance, Performance. Without Patience in your CrossFit journey, you will fail to see any progress. However, if you remain patient and continue to put in the work, you will start to see results. Those positive results and transformations will then fuel the fire for you continue to Persevere. In the CrossFit world, Perseverance over time leads to the ability to perform any task at any given time. Would you rather specialize in running? Or rather be able to run fairly well, demonstrate body awareness and control, and be able to lift moderate weight? Our goal is to enable you to tackle whatever task life may throw your way at any given time. We want you to become the best version of a well rounded athlete that you can become, so let’s take a closer look at what it takes to get there.

Level 1: Patience (White )-Although this is the most exciting level because everything is so very new, it can also be the most trying. No one comes into CrossFit and is naturally good at everything. The big guys are strong but can’t run. The little guys can crank out pull-ups but they can’t clean and jerk heavy weight. Some members start and everything hurts, problems start to arise that they never realized they had.  There are so many many new complicated movements to learn it can be overwhelming.  This is why the first word in our motto is Patience. If you are not patient with your body, you will never get stronger, faster, or fix your imbalances. Accept that this process is going to take time. Each athlete’s Crossfit journey is so very unique because we all bring our own strengths and weaknesses to the table. Take pride in your strengths and identify and be willing to attack your weaknesses. Perfect the movements, work on your mobility and over time your patience will lead to progress, the next step in your CrossFit journey.

Level 2: Progress (Orange) -After the first couple of months of crossFit you will start to notice a considerable amount of progress. Each day you become one step closer to executing the workouts as they are prescribed. Things start to click and you notice improvements and little achievements here and there. You gain a better understanding of the essential movements, becoming more comfortable with moving a barbell. You demonstrate independence by knowing how to setup and  scale the workouts to fit your individual needs. Remember, the best way to track progress is to write it down. We don’t expect you to remember everything you accomplish while you are here so be smart and write your accomplishments and goals down in a journal. Writing things down will help you be able to clarify exactly what you want while motivating you to take action to accomplish those goals. Writing down your accomplishments down will enable you to see how far you have come and how much further you may have to go to hit your goal. Visualizing those accomplishments gives you something to celebrate! Progress then leads to perseverance, the next step in our motto.

Level 3/Rx- Perseverance = Green – The saying goes “practice makes perfect”. Sounds so very simple, but in reality, getting to perfect demands countless hours of practice, diligence and perseverance . At this level in your fitness journey, you have not only mastered the movements, but also have built the strength to train with the prescribed weights. This is where the word Persevere comes in. Each time you enter the box you are striving for faster times and greater efficiency through all the movements. With each WOD comes the challenge of completing it in the most efficient manner. At this point in your game, you are striving to become a well seasoned athlete to get to the next level, which is Performance.

Burnt Toast: Performance (Black )- This is the final level in our fitness pyramid, but getting here doesn’t mean that you have arrived. It just means that there is always something bigger to strive for. At this stage, you have finally developed the strength, speed, endurance, and power to take on any task at any given time. Put your skills into action for others to see. Competition is the absolute best way to gain a better understanding of  your strengths and weakness. You will never work as hard on your own as you will in a competitive group setting. The truth is, even if you finish last you are pushing yourself harder than you ever have before. Through competition comes excellence. You placed top in a local competition? Well then enter another competition to test your fitness repeatedly. Made it to Regionals? Train with people better than you to make you an even better athlete. Your team made it to the Games? Sign up for other challenges or tasks outside of CrossFit you can complete as a group to develop better communication and camaraderie. Regardless of your level of competition, always “constantly striving” for what will get you to the next level. 

We have assigned each level a different color wristband to symbolize where you are in your journey. Take pride in where you are at and work towards getting to the next level. To pick up your own wristband that symbolizes where you’re at in your journey, simply stop by the front desk. We’re hoping to get as many members sporting them as possible!
1 Squat Clean
3 Front Squats

Thrusters (95,65)
Kettlebell Swings (2,1.5) x2

Level 2- (75,50)(1.5, 1)
Level 1- (65,35)(1,.75)

Conditioning WOD
5 Rounds
In 3 minutes:
Run 400m + AMRAP Burpees
Rest 1 Minute

2 Rounds:
10 Cross Chops Low to High – each side
20 Russian Twists with Kettlebell
10 Cross Chops High to Low – each side
15 Weighted Kettlebell Sit Ups