Starting As One

Caslin - Warms up like he trains... Hard & with a PURPOSE
Caslin – Warms up like he trains… Hard & with a PURPOSE

The workout will be with General Classes today, There is an option strength that can be completed after the WOD.

With General Classes

Same as class –  start all together
7 Rounds
5 Muscle-ups
6 Power Snatches (155,105)
9 Burpees- to target s6 inches above max reach
30 Double Unders
Rest 1 Minute

Regional- 3 MUPs (135,95)
Open/Masters- 1 MUP or 6 strict pull-ups and 6 Strict dips (115,80)

Optional Oly Post WOD
Work up to max weight for the complex
1 Clean (full squat)
1 Front Squat
1 Push-jerk
1 Split Jerk

-If you press out either one of the jerks it won’t count. Hands stay on bar.