Stars, Stripes & Pipes

Flashback Friday – Freedom 5K…Go USA!

Weekend Schedule
Today – Friday July 3rd โ€“ 5,6,7,8,9,11am & Noon Classes. We will be closing at 1pm.
Saturday July 4th โ€“ We will be hosting a 9 & 10am class at Moakley Park. (less than 1 mile for the gym) Registration is not required, all are welcome. There is a parking lot which usually has spots available as well as street parking.
Sunday July 5th โ€“ Normal Schedule. CrossFit at 9 & 10am. CTX at 11am. Registration is required through the ZenPlanner app.

Due to limited participation, we have suspended All Zoom WODs moving forward.

Warm Up
2 Rounds
45s work: 15s rest
-Plank Up and Over the Barbell
-Hang Muscle Clean
-Windshield wipers

1 Tempo Push-press 30X1
+ 2 Push-Jerks

*Tempo Push Press = 3 Second Negative, 0 Seconds in front Rack, Explode up and a 1 Second Reset at the top

2 Rounds
30 Hang Power Cleans 135|95
30 Burpees

Level 2 -115|75
Level 1 – 95|50
ADV – 155|105

Extra Work
5 rounds for time of:
20 GHD sit-ups
20-cal. Row
*WOD Credit –