Standing on your head

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40s Work:20s Rest
Reverse Lunge and hop- R
Reverse Lunge and Hop- L
Quadruped Rotations- R
Quadruped Rotations- L
High-Pull to Front Raise with Object
Alternating Downward Dog Single Leg Toe touches

Lat Stretching
Couch Stretch

For 18 Minutes
Minute 1- 2 Deadlifts @85-90%

Minute 2- Max Effort Handstand or Headstand Hold

Minute 3- Rest

30 Power Snatches 95|65
60 Box Jumps
30 Overhead Squats 95|65

ADV – Rest 5 Minutes & Complete in Reverse Order

At Home WOD
40 Alternating Object Snatches
30 Burpee Tuck Jumps or 60 Step-ups
40 Lunges with Single Arm Overhead Lockout

WOD Credit-

Extra Work
4 Rounds of
400m run (1 min out, 1 min in)
50 Air Squats