Fall Outing & October Fundamentals Begin Next Week!

Marathon Row

Fall Group Outing!
Grab Your Flannel and join us next Sunday the 7th for a day of Apple Picking, Corn Mazes and more!
We’re headed to C.N. Smith Farm to score some apples and then over to Sauchuk’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch! Kiddos are welcome and encouraged as there’s plenty of activities between the two places.

9:45AM Meet at CFS for those that want to carpool
11:15AM Meet at C.N. Smith Farm for ALL THE APPLES!
12:30 Meet at Sauchuk’s Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch

Hop in at any point and comment below if you plan to come! Let’s get our Fall On!

October Fundamentals!
By popular demand we’ve added another Fundamentals course for October. If you missed our September session you don’t have to wait until January to take our course!

We understand that starting any new fitness routine can be overwhelming and somewhat intimidating. The goal of the CrossFit Southie Fundamentals Program is to eliminate your fears, introduce you to the CrossFit methodology, and have some fun โ€“ all while getting fitter. Through eight 60-minute sessions, we will teach you how to move safely and efficiently through the most common movements you will encounter in our general CrossFit classes. At the end of the four weeks, you will have a strong understanding of the foundations of CrossFit, be ready to make the transition into general CrossFit classesโ€ฆ and be a whole lot fitter!
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Quick Run
10 Barbell Muscle Snatch (each round try a different position – high, mid, floor)
15 Squat Jumps
5 Strict Pull Ups or 1 Pull to Stand

4 Rounds
3 Power Snatches (135,95)
9 Wallballs
1 Rope Climb
Rest 2 mins

Level 2 – (115,75)
Level 1 – (95,45)
ADV – Legless

Score= Total Rounds

Coaches Note: These mini AMRAPs should have quick reps and transitions. You should be aiming for 3+ rounds the first 2 intervals..

Sprint Ca$hout
3 x 200m Shuttle Runs
Rest 2:1

Extra Work
Grab a buddy and hit a Team Series WOD


  • Trevor

    09/29/2018 @ 4:16 pm

    Short day today. Wedding to attend.

    Hang Sq Clean: work to heavy 3, then 5×3 across.

    Press: 5×3 @105 across

    4×10 GHD and Hip ext.

  • Jason Barrow

    09/29/2018 @ 3:52 pm

    Doubled up on Team Series wods this morning. Jill PR’d by working out at 8:30am, HOURS earlier than she’s even been to the gym on a Saturday.

    Event 7 (hang clean + hang clean + jerk complex):
    Jill: 153#
    Barrow: 196#

    Event 6 (rowing and hspu’s):
    18:39 Rx with Jill

    Neither result was competitive but REALLY pumped on both. I straight up don’t touch a barbell outside of metcons and won’t even do so in a wod if the bar is moderately heavy, so thrilled with what I got on the complex. And HSPU’s are historically a nightmare movement for me where I lose them and they ain’t coming back. Didn’t lose them, and although Jill obviously did more than me, I think I held my own. I thought we had NO CHANCE of finishing the wod, so doing so with time to spare felt great.

    One left, bar mups/snatch on Monday night, saved for last because of the inevitable ripped hands.

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