Yoda & the Copper Belt in the Middle of the Quarter

“Do or do not, there is no try” – Yoda. The attitude we keep and the words we speak determine who we are, what we do and how we do it. Now granted we are not levitating an X wing fighter out of the swampy mucky muck of Dagobah; however, often times a heavy lift can be just as intimidating. Either lift the dang bar or unload it. Chalk your hands, get your ass in gear and get after it like you have a new found purpose in life or get off the platform. Either is fine. Call heads or tails, but there is no place to wager on the copper belt in the middle of the quarter.Pull Up

“Can’t” is a curse word. However, unlike the other more refined, eloquent and beautiful swear words, it is total crap and has no place in our vocabulary. It really grinds my gears simply hearing it and knowing the consequences it has on those who speak it and fall victim to its terrible fate. Don’t say it. I don’t want to hear it, I would rather you not think it, consider it, or even have it in your own vocabulary. However besides the first, I have no control over what anyone else thinks, considers or acquires for their personal vocabulary arsenal. Simply speaking it is admitting defeat. Like the Aramaic word “Abracadabra” I create like the word. The word can be powerful and strengthening or self defeating. We can build ourselves up to new heights and achievements or we can defeat ourselves. The word that shall not be named is the second. We create our own defeat through speaking it.

There are times and situations where it’s very tempting to consider. However in my experience the four letter word is more likely to be “I don’t know what to do” or “I don’t know how” or “I’m so pissed and frustrated”. All valid experiences, furthermore all situations we can work with. As a coach, I can teach you what to do, I can give you drills to practice and I can most surely handle your frustrations and pissed-off-edness. However I will not accept nor allow you to defeat yourself especially by your own doing and neither should you.


Every minute on the minute for 15 minutes
Minutes 1- 4 High Bar Back Squats
Minute 2- 1 Front Squat
Minute 3- Rest
Minute 4- 4 High Bar back squats
Minute 5- 1 Front Squat
Minute 6- Rest

Complete 15 minutes in this sequence. The weight should remain the same for the set of 4 back squats as the single on the front squat. Ideally the weight should be challenging an remain the same throughout the 15 minutes

Shoulder to Overhead (165,110)
50 Double Unders

Level 3 (135,95)
Level 2 (115,75), 25 Double Unders
Level 1 (95,55), singles