This has been one loooong paleo challenge. I know there is a solid group of people who have stayed strong journaling over the weeks. Those individuals likely will have have the most drastic results and will be in the running to win (there will be 3 winners). However, there are some members who gave up on the journaling in the early weeks but have stuck to the paleo principles and look fantastic. For example, my mom! My mom has lost 14lbs since the beginning of the challenge and she isn’t crossfitting as often as the rest of us.

Taking part in the challenge has drastically effected my eating habits. I used to say I was eating paleo, but I would have diet coke here and there, marinated meats (lots of salt and sugar), cheese in my omelets, and lots of scattered random “cheats” on a weekly basis. The challenge has definitely kept me in check and prevented me from the unnecessary slips here and there.

How has the challenge effected you? Share your thoughts.


5 rounds
6 Toes to Bar
12 Burpees
Sprint 200m
Rest 1 Minute

Level 2  6 Knees to elbows/8 burpees
Level 1 6 Knees to elbows/6 burpees