Sprint to the finish

REMINDER!! If you are interested in participating in the 30 day paleo challenge, and you have not been to the previous lecture, you must be present this Wednesday, August 17th, in Southie Green at 7pm.

Also, there had been a lot of talk about trying paleo/zone. There will be a lecture regarding paleo/zone the following Monday, August 22nd at 7pm in Southie Green.

If you have no idea what I am referring to as paleo or zone come to the first lecture and find out. We will touch on the zone portioning in the paleo lecture, and if it interests you then you can learn more the following week. There is also a lot of great info on our website. On the right side bar you will find some paleo links, and if you click here you will find some great info about the challenge.

Sprinting technique on the walls
Squat Therapy
Leg Swings
Wall Lat Hamstring Stretch

Front Squat

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:
100m sprint
Each Sprint should be an all out effort.  Score is your fastest and slowest time