Meet Our New Whiteboard!


New Year New Goals!
With the new year comes new challenges and goals for us to work towards. In the spirit of goal setting we have given our Leaderboards a Facelift!! While it has been great to have benchmark leaders, we feel switching up our focus will be better for our overall goals and achievements. We have rotated our main benchmark board to the back room and created a new board that now lives in the back of Southie Green. This board has two sections only. One is for current goals and one for a Monthly Highlight Reel.
By including goals on the board we will have an even better understanding of how to help you get the most out of your time here. The goal board will also serve as a written reminder of the things you want to and will accomplish! The Highlight Reel will give us a chance to celebrate your accomplishments as well as shine a light on outstanding efforts. Below are some guidelines to give you an idea of what the board will represent

Get Those Goals Up!

Will stay up as a reminder until your goal is reached
1. Can be written by you and/or a coach
2. Short Term and Attainable
For example, if my goal is to get a Ring Muscle Up, my write up would look something like this
“Daniela-Ring Muscle Up-Practice Muscle Up Transitions 3x/week for one month.”
If I stick with the plan of action, then I’d erase the second part at the end of the month and then pair it with a more difficult drill until the overall goal is complete. Your coaches will help you with a plan of action if you’re not sure how to go about this part
3. Think outside of the box. Movement goals are great, you can also touch on different aspects of the gym.

  • I want to make it in 3x/week every week for one month
  • I will not complain about a WOD for a whole week or month
  • I will mobilize for 10:00 after every class

Monthly Highlight Reel
This section will be updated/wiped clean each month
1. Can be written by you and/or a coach
2. Ideally goals from the left side are moved over to the right
3. Any PR can go on this board
4. This board will also be used as a spotlight for outstanding efforts and other amazing occurrences around the box ๐Ÿ™‚

We hope you enjoy and take advantage of our New Whiteboard! We’re looking forward to another amazing year of goal crushing with all of you!

4 Minutes
Bike/Ski Erg/Air Runner or Jump Rope

Then 2 Rounds
:45 on/:15 off
Burpee Med ball Ground to Overhead
Med ball Deadlift
Med ball Thrusters

2 Rounds
1:30 work/:30 Rest & Rotate
1. Ski Erg
2. DB Burpee Ground to Overhead (50,35)
3. Bike
4. Deadlift (225,155)
5. Wallball
6. Air runner- Sub 300m run or Double Unders
Rest 2 Minutes

*Coaches Note* On the Db Burpee GTOH be sure to get your center of mass over the dbโ€™s and drive with your legs.

Score= total reps. Double unders/5. If you run outside your 300m= 14 Calories/reps. If you beat the 90s you can add 1 calorie for every 5 seconds you beat the clock. Example 300m in 1:15= 17 points

Extra Work
2 rounds
Rest 3 minutes between rounds
2 Rounds
Clean and Jerk
Rest 3 minutes between Rounds

Rx weights*
Men – Snatch
C&J 185/205/225/245/265

Women – Snatch

*Scale as necessary

Wod Credit – Mayhem

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  • Sean Flannery

    01/26/2019 @ 3:12 pm

    WOD: 281 Rx (26,28; 8,9; 20,20; 17,18; 38,40; 132 (26), 155(31))

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