Morning Classes Switcheroo

Chris got UPs
Chris got UPs

Important AM Class Schedule Change Going Forward- Please READ!!!!

We will be undergoing some changes with the morning classes due to the overwhelming popularity of the 5:30am class (I know it seems crazy that people love to work out this early!!). The morning classes are going to flip-flop. The RX classes will be held in Southie Green (5:30,6:30,7:30) and the L1/L2 classes will be held in Southie Orange (6 and 7am) starting next Tuesday (01/21- MLK day we will have a reduced AM schedule.

 Please know that the RX classes are not just for members who are planning on doing the WOD as RX.  Our goal is for you to graduate to RX classes after being a member at CrossFit Southie for 6 to 9 months.  The Scaled/L1/L2 classes are meant for members who are still learning and need extra drilling and technique work. RX classes have less drilling and more time for skills and strength work on the platforms.

If you have been here for a while but the L1/L2 time works better for you, feel free to come just know that the class will be paced at an L1/L2 level.  If the time is not an issue, it is important to move on to the RX classes to allow for more room in the L1/L2 classes. There is not sense of having crowded classes if we have enough space!

Power clean

12 minute AMRAP
7 Deadlifts (275,185)
14 Pull-ups
21 Push-ups

Level 3 (225,155)
Level 2 (185,125)
Level 1 (135,95),14 push-ups