Spent City

brownie row

500m Row
400m Run
10 inch worms
20 Scorpions
– Lat rolling 2 minutes each side
– 90s lat stretching on each side
– Quad stretching 1 minute each side

Conditioning (10 Minutes)
2000m Row for Time

Gymnastics (weakness)
5×5 of one of the following:
1. Handstand Push-ups (strict or PHSPUs)
2. Strict Pull-ups
a. Wide grip – working on Bfly
b. Underhand to chest- for ring mups
c. Weighted- Overhand improving overall
3. Ring Dip- add weight
4. Pistol- 5 each leg
5. Butterfly kip or BLFY pull-ups- up to 7 or 8 reps

Rest as needed between sets.

1. Back Squat- 2 Reps
2. Hang Power Clean- 2 Reps
3. Rest
Start heavy and end heavy