Southie Showdown WOD “The Little Engine That Could”


Outdoors Primarily

Warm Up
Box Step Ups*
KB Swing
Muscle Snatch

*Can become box jumps in later rounds

World’s Greatest on Box
Lat Stretch on the Box
Calf Stretch on Box

3 Power Snatches

WOD (15 Minute Cap)
A Race for Reps (Day 2)
“The Little Engine That Could”
60 Burpee Box Jumps for Time 24|20
EMOM- 6 Kettlebell Swings 2|1.5

L2 – 1.5|1, Burpee Step Ups
Level 1- 40 Burpee Step-Ups, 1|0.75
ADV – 30|27

Extra Work
With a partner to work off of (both in different boxes)
150/125 Calorie Bike
200/175 Calorie Row
150/125 Calorie Ski

If Working Alone

Cut The Reps in Half, Rest every 15-20 calories and 1:1 Work Rest