Southie Showdown WOD Announcement: “Twisted Throwback”

A normal deadlift set up with hands outside of the legs is required; no sumo deadlifts will be allowed. Full extension is required at the top, with shoulders stacked on top of the hips, and the ankles, knees and hips fully extended. Both plates must touch the floor at the same time on each rep. Excessive bouncing of the barbell is not allowed and will result in a no rep.

Box Jump Overs
Athletes must begin perpendicular to the box when jumping. No lateral jumps will be permitted. Full extension is not required at the top of the box. Athletes can jump over the top of the box or pause on top. Stepping down is permitted in all divisions. A two foot take off is required in the Rx & Advanced divisions. Step ups are allowed in the Intermediate division. If stepping over, both feet must make contact with the top of the box on every rep.