Southie Showdown WOD Announcement: “FAHK”

In this workout, the thruster weight increases with each round. Athletes will be responsible for changing their own weights during the 1 minute rest period. Clips must be on the barbell in order for reps to count.

A squat clean into the first rep is allowed. At the bottom of each rep, crease of the hip must clearly pass below the knee. At the top of each rep, barbell must be in control with the arms locked out overhead and everything fully extended. Thruster jerks will be allowed; however, this must be one continuous movement, with no pause before going overhead. Squat clean and jerks will not be allowed.

Chin Over Bar Pull Up (Intermediate Only)
Each rep begins with straight arms at the bottom and ends with the chin clearly passing above the bar. Any type of kip is allowed.

Chest to Bar Pull Ups (Rx Only)
Each rep begins with straight arms at the bottom and ends with the chest clearly making contact with the bar below the collar bone. Any type of kips is allowed.

Bar Muscle Up (Advanced Only)
Each rep begins with straight arms at the bottom. At the top, full lock out above the bar is required with elbows fully extended. Fade away bar muscle ups where the athlete doe s not lock out above the bar before falling away into the next rep will not be counted. Absolutely no glide kips will be allowed: hips, knees, and/or feet may not pass higher than the pull up bar at any point.

Burpee Lateral Jump
Burpees must be performed lateral to the barbell. At the bottom of the burpee, the chest, belly and thighs must make contact with the ground. The rep ends after jumping over the barbell. A two-foot take off is required to hop over the bar in Rx & Adv divisions. Stepping over the bar is permitted in the Intermediate division. Absolutely no diving over the bar is allowed; athletes must bring their feet to the ground toward their hands before jumping over the barbell.

This workout will be one scored event. Score will be the total of all completed reps, including thrusters and pull ups/muscle ups. If an athlete fails to make it to the burpee lateral jumps, he/she will still be given credit for the thrusters and pull ups/muscle ups completed.