Southie Showdown Day 2 – No Classes!


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Reminder: All Crossfit Classes, Olympic Lifting Class, and Intro Class ARE CANCELLED this weekend. We are hosting the Showdown Saturday and Sunday, so come check it out and support your community!

Southie Showdown Day 2

Any judges and/or volunteers that are looking to workout out early AM before spectating Fitness all day โ€“ Goose will open at the gym, a low set up, minimal equipment WOD will start at 630am and we will wrap up by 7am. Come on by!

At Home Partner WOD
“Deck of Cards”
Choose cards at random, complete # of Reps based on Suit.
Face cards are 10, Ace is 11, not 1…Nice Try.

Spades = Air Squats
Club = Hollow Rocks x 2
Diamond = Bridge Ups x 2
Hearts = Burpees

Rx – 35 Cards
L3 – 30 Cards
L2 – 25 Cards
L1 – 20 Cards